From November 11-17, 2018 

Tobacco Free Allegheny, along with their partners, will be celebrating the

4th annual Allegheny Quits for Life Cessation Awareness Week!


What is TRU?

TRU (the Tobacco Resistance Unit) is a youth-led movement throughout all of Pennsylvania to help youth, ages 12-18, stay tobacco and nicotine free. It's time to get serious about exposing BIG TOBACCO and its marketing lies.


How Can I Learn more?

To learn more about becoming a TRU Youth Member or Adult Advisor, Click here!

What is a TRU Storm?

A TRU Storm is an event where TRU Youth Members get together with an Adult Advisor to learn about the dangers of tobacco use and the importance of advocacy. For idea, visit the TRU website.


Interested in planning your own TRU Storm?



Creating a submission for our PSA Video Contest would

be a great TRU Storm activity!

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