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Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.  We frequently hear from physicians that they want to help their patients quit smoking but don't know what to do for them.  We also know it takes most people several tries before they are able to stay quit.  Now it's easier than ever to get your patients connected to evidenced-based services for smoking cessation.  The Pennsylvania Department of Health is promoting a fax referral service: Fax to Quit.  When your patient says they want to stop smoking, you simply send a referral to the Quitline.


Fax to Quit offers:

  • Weekly smoking cessation counseling
  • FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (currently 2 weeks of patches)
  • Feedback to you on the status of your patient

If you would like to participate, please know referrals can be accepted from nurses, physician extenders, counselors, and even AmeriCorps volunteer members.


Professional Development


Do you need a refresher on how to approach this topic with your patients?  The following webinar, Every Smoker, Every Time, gives practitioners the tools they need to provide brief intervention in smoking cessation for their patients.  This webinar is free of charge, just under one hour in length, and includes a pre- and post-test.  Click here to view the webinar.



2008 Update to the Clinical Practice Guideline


Surgeon General Reports


Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence


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